Converted Status

Converted Status is required to configure if you choose to use to auto-convert Leads to Contacts/Accounts.

When converting a Lead to a Contact/Account, Salesforce requires that you set a Converted Status value. Since is converting Leads automatically "behind-the-scenes", we need to configure the value to be set when auto-converted.

By default, sets the Converted Status value to "Auto-Converted", but there is configuration necessary within Salesforce.

To configure...

  1. Go to Setup -> Customize -> Leads -> Fields -> then click on "Lead Status".
  2. Under Lead Status Pick Values click "New".
  3. For Label use "Auto-Converted" and for API Name also use "Auto-Converted"
  4. Set "Converted" to TRUE
  5. Click "Save"

It should now look something similar to the following:

You can use a custom value for Converted Status. If you choose to use a custom value, you'll need to update the Converted Status field in Setup -> Develop -> Custom Settings -> then click "Manage" next to Lead-to-Account Settings.

Important Note

If you are using a Lead Process, you will need to make sure your new converted value for Lead Status is selected for your Lead Process.

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