Why is a Lead with a Matched Account failing to convert?

There are a few reasons that we've seen that cause a Lead with a Matched Account to fail to convert.

1.) Account Owner is an Inactive User

If the Account Owner of the Matched Account is an inactive Salesforce user, then the conversion will fail. Make sure all your Accounts are owned by active Salesforce users.

2.) A Valid Lead is Part of a Batch Job with a Failing Lead

By default, Align.ly will convert Leads in batches of 200 Leads at a time. If one of the 200 Leads fails to convert, all 200 Leads in the batch will also fail to convert. To troubleshoot, go to Setup -> Develop -> Custom Settings then click "Manage" next to Align.ly Lead-to-Account. Temporarily change the "Batch Size Convert Matched Leads" setting to 1 and then run the job to convert matched leads again. You should be left with only the failing Leads while all valid Leads should have successfully converted.
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